Coil over setting on my E36 323i

WP_20130406_009Today, I took a step to replace my oem suspension kit with Bilstein Coiloever PSS. The car need a little more go down to increase its grip and stability in cornering. here are some picture to show you.

At 10 am, I took to the shops and the mechanics start replacing all the oem suspension. The front suspension is easy, because the looks and the shape is similar to the oem. But the rear since It is not coil over, there are some tricks to understand how all the part is set up. I have to call other mechanics to teach me how to do this.

WP_20130406_012My Suspension Kit is Bilstein PSS. Coilover on the front, while on the rear is still like normal construction but more stiff and low. It is all Bilstein branded spare part.

Here is the looks after it finish. Now she looks more down to the earth. This WP_20130406_023setting increase stability around the fast corner. There is of course the draw back. The ridebility is a bit harsh on a rough surface. But so far, I can still manage to enjoy it during normal street use.

Here is the pose that I also admire. From this angle, now you can see that


combination of low profile suspension, and Mauritius blue color make her more elegant and classy as well. Not to forget the aggressive looks still represent my power and passion to live the life.

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